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In the practice of law, there is no substitute for expertise.  With over forty years of combined litigation experience our lawyers can achieve results faster with less expense.

We practice in the complete range of tort litigation as well as Ontario Statutory Accident Benefits and loss transfer disputes.

Accident Benefits and Loss Transfer2021-11-11T18:42:27-05:00

We have extensive experience representing our clients at the former Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO), as well as its successor, the Licence Appeal Tribunal (LAT).  Our experience includes the handling of a high volume of complex accident benefit claims. Our lawyers have conducted numerous mediations and arbitrations responding to first party accident benefit claims at FSCO and LAT.

We also have extensive expertise with private arbitrations, resolving priority and loss transfer disputes between insurers. Additionally, we have successfully defended and litigated cases brought against accident benefit carriers.

Administrative Law2021-11-16T15:27:05-05:00

In addition to our work in regulatory matters before various professional Colleges, we have acted as counsel to parties involved in Coroner’s inquests, at Consent and Capacity hearings, in proceedings before the Financial Services Commission of Ontario, the Licence Appeal Tribunal, the Workplace Safety and Insurance Tribunal and the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Bad Faith and Punitive Damages Claims2021-11-16T15:26:59-05:00

We have acted as defence counsel in first party bad faith and punitive damages claims brought against our clients arising from breaches of insurance contracts, false arrest and other claims.

Our members have also contributed to scholarship in the area of bad faith and punitive damage litigation in Canada.


We have acted for and continue to represent many developers, contractors and manufacturers of construction equipment in large and complex cases with multiple parties. Our full range of experience defending construction claims includes everything from defective roofing to crumbling foundations and everything in between. Cases we have litigated include piping and sprinklers, electrical defects, HVAC, paving (asphalt and aggregates), fire, life and safety systems and Building Code violations.

We take pride in simplifying complex construction claims, controlling expenses and reaching optimal results quickly.

Elevating Devices, Escalators and Automatic Doors2021-11-16T15:26:41-05:00

We have developed an expertise representing elevator maintenance companies, automatic door installers and maintenance contractors as well as the property owners who retain them in relation to varied claims of injury from alleged malfunction or inadequate / improper maintenance.

Our experience also includes escalators, revolving doors, automatic doors and their sensors.

Medical Malpractice2021-11-16T15:26:32-05:00

We have considerable experience the defence of medical malpractice claims including complex brain injury cases, fatality claims, medical errors and a wide variety of negligence claims. In that respect, we have defended broad range of health care professionals, hospitals, long term care facilities, care agencies, counselling services, fertility clinics and retirement residences.

Motor Vehicle Accidents2022-07-27T11:12:16-04:00

We have special and extensive motor vehicle tort litigation expertise. We have successfully litigated motor vehicle claims to trial before judges and juries to verdict and, if necessary, appeal.

Our areas of specialty include defending claims for catastrophic injury with a specialty in fatality claims. Our extensive experience with personal injury claims gives us the medical knowledge and expert network to effectively defend the largest catastrophic claims for injury.

We act as defence counsel in motor vehicle accidents involving every type of vehicle with a focus on transport trucks, municipal, intercity coach and school buses.

Our experience includes issues of training professional drivers, mechanical defects, as well as every conceivable variety of accident including those involving golf carts, snowmobiles and motorcycles.

Occupiers’ Liability2022-06-15T11:46:17-04:00

We represent property owners and managers of numerous properties including malls, office buildings, parking lots, residential condominiums and train stations.

We also represent property maintenance and cleaning contractors, winter maintenance contractors, and security providers in occupiers’ claims.

Our expertise includes the defence of many hundreds of such claims for large target defendants.  We provide a firm, principled, and cost effective defence to deter repeated and multiple claims.

Product Liability2021-11-16T15:26:06-05:00

We defend product liability claims against manufacturers of bicycles, adhesives, automotive products, plumbing and fire safety products, waterbeds, shopping carts, chairs and consumer products such as hairdryers, caulking and food products.

We have successfully defended claims against distributors of electrical and plumbing products at trial in complex claims for property damage due to fire and water.

Professional Liability and Discipline2021-11-16T15:25:57-05:00

We routinely handle claims of professional negligence involving professionals and assist them in responding to complaint, disciplinary and fitness to practice proceedings before their governing bodies. We have defended a broad spectrum of professional clients including accountants, architects, dental hygienists, dentists, engineers, geneticists, inspectors, insurance agents and brokers, investment advisors, lawyers, naturopaths, nurses, occupational therapists, optometrists, paralegals, paramedics, pharmacists, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, real estate agents and social workers.

We have experience in all aspects of regulatory proceedings including acting as independent legal counsel to the discipline committee of governing body, as defence counsel to a broad range of health care professionals and prosecution counsel to the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario in the governance of its members in matters involving deficient construction, deficient fire, life and safety systems and storm water management and drainage.

Property and Fire Litigation2022-06-15T11:43:54-04:00

Our expertise includes the defence of complex litigation arising from major fires, floods, construction defects, sewer backups as well as faulty heating, cooling and fire protective equipment.

We achieve early and favourable results in complex, multi-party suits at mediation and through to the conclusion of trial, if necessary. We focus our expertise to simplify complex, case managed multi party property litigation with a results oriented approach.

Sports Litigation and Amusement Games2021-11-16T15:25:36-05:00

Our defence experience includes acting for major league sports venues, distributors and renters of entertainment and amusement devices.  We have litigated claims involving operators of carnivals, charity events, horseback riding facilities and others.


We recover for insurers in a cost effective and focused pursuit of tortfeasors in all types of claims. We assist our clients in developing the approach to best yield maximum recovery in automobile, fire, homeowners, general liability and product liability claims. We have worked with clients to deliver subrogation services in a creative and innovative way that links recovery to service.

Tavern and Social Host Alcohol Liability2022-06-15T11:08:24-04:00

We act for establishments serving alcohol in suits arising from every conceivable mishap including fights, assaults by security personnel, claims for inadequate security, hazardous premises (dance floors, stairs, and furniture) as well as motor vehicle and other accidents involving alcohol.

Our expertise includes the defence of numerous types of establishments including hotels, bars and nightclubs, restaurants, adult entertainment venues and “after hours” establishments as well as their owners, operators and staff.

Transportation: School Bus, Motor Coach and Trucking2022-06-15T11:08:47-04:00

Our extensive expertise includes the defence of some of the world’s largest transportation companies.  Our in depth knowledge of the industry, business climate and technical and safety issues allow us to meet and exceed the expectations of sophisticated clients.

We have developed decades of experience in litigation in the defence of school bus, municipal transit, intercity coach, trucking, disabled passenger and cargo claims.

Our experience includes conducting litigation involving serious and complicated motor vehicle accidents, sexual and other assaults, workers compensation, negligent supervision, international, interprovincial and cross border issues, construction, design and maintenance defects, tire separations, on board injuries, cargo damage as well and virtually every conceivable incident transportation clients may encounter.

Our expertise includes the defence of transportation clients successfully at trial and presentations to industry and client groups.

Wrongful Arrest & Imprisonment, Malicious Prosecution and Abuse of Process2022-06-15T11:09:00-04:00

We have extensive experience defending claims against security companies and alarm installation and monitoring companies.

We have defended security industry clients throughout the province. Our expertise includes claims for wrongful arrest, assault, wrongful imprisonment, discrimination, Trespass to Property Act litigation and failure of alarms/monitoring systems claims.  We also act for security personnel companies in claims arising from Occupiers’ Liability Act claims for falls and other injuries.

Our knowledge of the function, technical detail and operation of alarm systems in homes, commercial premises, freezers, municipal sewage treatment plants, car dealerships and others lead to better and more cost effective results.

Our experience includes claims for negligence in failing to detect fraud and negligent investigation services.  We have successfully defended claims of malicious prosecution and abuse of process through trial and appeal.


We are a talented and dedicated team of lawyers and law clerks backed by a staff of litigation support professionals. Our extensive and focused experience in defence litigation gives us the litigation expertise to meet and exceed the expectations of sophisticated clients.

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